Nadiya Yea Mad Heads XL

Nadiya Yea Mad Heads XL
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Исполнитель: Mad Heads XL

Название песни: Nadiya Yea

Продолжительность mp3: 04:34

Дата добавления: 2016-03-10

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Текст песни:

Once you can get in such a trouble
That you just can see no way out
It’s getting so dark in your head
It seems nothing can be done about

When you’ve got no will to resist it
No escape and no place to hide
No matter how bad and how twisted
There’s always the hope on your side

The hope is here
Until the sun shines in the skies
Nadiya yea
The hope is here
And it’s the something that never dies
Nadiya yea

You fall down the valley of sorrow
You feel pain you just can’t go through
When you don’t believe in tomorrow
Tomorrow still keeps faith in you

Whenever the hurt is distressing
No matter how hard to hold on
Remember you always can pass it
If you keep on singing this song


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