Paradise feat. Nana E-Type

Paradise (feat. Nana) E-Type
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Исполнитель: E-Type

Название песни: Paradise (feat. Nana)

Продолжительность mp3: 03:27

Дата добавления: 2016-05-28

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Текст песни:

Away, astray, but on track to what I think
will be the best of times when I’m on my own
So if I may, I’ll stay, as I am, a player always on the move
I’m strong when I’m all alone

Some things will change
I can feel it coming but I don’t know what it is
Within my range
I don’t know what to do but I’ll live

It must be like paradise
If only someone could tell me how
So please start rolling the dice
Cause I can feel that my time is now
It must be like paradise

Confused, reduced to a life where I’m no longer in control of-it-all,

Like I used to be
I’m not afraid, I played all the cards that I was dealt but this is new
I’ll just have to wait and see

Some things will change
I don’t know what to do but I’ll live...


E-TYPE - Paradise (1st Live At Eurovision Precontest Gothenburg 2004)


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