Potion Speed Hop Edit Down Low

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Исполнитель: Down Low

Название песни: Potion (Speed Hop Edit)

Продолжительность mp3: 03:41

Дата добавления: 2015-12-29

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Текст песни:

I'm runnin' away, away!!

Here we go..
Step to me, when I flow I flow to fuck'n wreck,
so when I give out these rhymes the minds do I check?
You can't stop me, you would need a fuck'n army,
when I come like this, yo I come Kamikase
Now I do these things that you never seen before,
so open to my mind and their lies a door,
to the beginning is to the end,
so listen to the words that I send to make you bend..
Now you come to me to stay? Or vanish away you go..
Now understand mentally I rap this flow.
Now activate your body from this bezirk mind,
inter act with these nevers shooting lyrics from my spine.
These are the bullets of lead from my head,
I have you stan dazed at what I just said..
Can't you feel the shadow of death, yo it's coming...
But tonight's the night my soul is adrift runnin'....

I'm Runnin'!!!...
like a thief in the night,
I'm runnin'...
Feelin' fear down inside..
I'm runnin' away!! From this Mysterious sway..
This potion brings me pain..
It's driving me insane....

I'm Like A Potion..(2X)

Here we go...
I'm Like Lighting, frightning.. waiting to explode,
so feel these funky sentences as I unload.
Deep off into the shadow is where I lie.
I'll strike in a moment's notice twinkling from my eye,
Now vision this, Vision This!!
hear the words that comes from lips,
journey with me into the night a lay abliss.
Longivitity is my key,
a single stroke from my mind, you die! You Die!
Now this potion in which I attain,
is buried inside my brain,this pain just remains,
in-trapped, shallow-in now chains,
I paralyze my victim,realize this is only just a symptom.
Their you lay..
swepted and crushed as my prey..
Reduce yourself..
and seduce yourself..
I break myself down into this potion now stunnin'..
Fear is my strength!
The length.. always keep runnin'.....


I'm Like A Potion!!
When you step to me ..I'M LIKE A POTION!!!!


I'M Like A Potion!!

You Die!! my soul is adrift runnin'..
You Die !! You die!!
When you step to me,


Fight Caves no food no aura no overloads and 1 prayer potion 4


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