About you Down Low

About you Down Low
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Исполнитель: Down Low

Название песни: About you

Продолжительность mp3: 04:24

Дата добавления: 2016-01-02

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Текст песни:

I need to tell u somethin'
I stand here in the darkness
As i keep it goin' on,
I stand here write a poem all about you (about you)
I miss u and i want u to come back (and now I'm feeling blue)
So i'm, i'ma break it down to u like this
Over the Rap track..
Yeah it allways comes from the rear,
the fear and i feel it comin' deep into my ear
Now 'm standin up against the wall, a sudden fall,
Abandoned picture from my head crawl,
Now my pain is not remainin in the same song,
And the darkness fill my heart untill the deep dawn,
Now i travel vanish in the wind, i send these words to the end
Stabs are taken from a lonely hand
Understand, i'm playin it simple but it unspin
If you return by the night hopin that i m right
Driftin on a memory gives me sight
I rushed and touch into deep affection
lost and tost at the road of sunshine
Now i m trapped tell me what to do,
crossed in the path about you
And i remember the days when we played, and we laid
So closely, when u were holdin' me
But now i m here all alone and our love is lack on
Coz of the things u do, and now i m feelin blue, about you
about you, about you, about you
Yo check it out
Could it be that life is in the change i remain,
And still stay true to the game
Perished to the thought, that i think in a blink
desire dies depper in the sea
here i stay in the way make wireself control
Fallin of my earth coz my lonely soul
Unravel a tear from my eye, i try to escape from the sky
Even though my life stands in the worry i hurry,
to take off on this journey
Now i walk into a feeling, what's really real,
i can't explain to you how i feel
I missed the kiss of your warm embrace,
the while and smile of your midnight face
Now i'm pointin in two around the blue,
here i stand lost about you
Yo check it out, i gotta explain,
and break it down to you how i feel,
You know i stand here in the dark,
and i'm thinkin' about you
About you an now i m feeling blue, about you
Why o why are you doing these things,
it's time to go, it's time to go
Why o why are you doing these things,
it's time to go, it's time to go


DOWN LOW About you

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