Boss' Life Domo Genesis

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Исполнитель: Domo Genesis

Название песни: Boss' Life

Продолжительность mp3: 03:24

Дата добавления: 2016-03-10

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Текст песни:

There used to be a dream
I guess I made it happen for me
Promise in my eyes
You can read it like a allegory
The game is mine
You're not even in my category
Raped it at a young age
I guess it's like statuary
From California where everybody has a story
You getting lucky if you make it out to get the glory
Feel I be out my mind
But I figure it'll happen shortly
All I ask is patience
Get a bowl and pack it for me
Left school since then nothing's been the same
For better or whatever really can't complain
I got a little money and I got a little fame
Still smoking everyday to ease my mind and maintain
Addicted to success all I wanna do is gain
Drug with ambition I can feel it in my veins
Crazy how these kids overseas know my name
I was on stage in my Bape Chucks out in Spain
Groupies started coming but that's never on my brain
I'm either thinking money or I'm sleeping on the plane
Haven't been home I got too much to attain

Still niggas hold it down it's loyalty to wolf gang
Kept it OG
Even when they fronted on
Never been a nigga comfortable with getting stunted on
That’s why they can't figure me
Kill them when I'm dropping bombs
Never saw it coming
Like blind bitches do in porn
Only 20 getting on living like a boss
Smoking like a chimney
Dressing up to floss
Niggas working ass backwards
Fucking criss cross
Barking like a big dog but these niggas all talk
And no one the corner has a swagger like mine
To hear that I'm legit don't take a day of sunshine
Wouldn't use a second of my time to worry about a bitch
Too busy in between smoking weed and getting rich
I'm on your channel bitch
I can see you locked in
Real nigga put it on blast like a Glock ten
Wolf gang reign supreme you niggas boxed in
Boss shit
All these niggas who said I would not win?
Fuck them.


Domo Genesis - Boss Life


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