It's All Good DMX

It's All Good DMX
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Исполнитель: DMX

Название песни: It's All Good

Продолжительность mp3: 04:18

Дата добавления: 2015-12-24

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Текст песни:

Love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
I love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
Love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
I love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?


Its all good
Its alright
Fuck all day
Fuck all night
Call my bitches, cause wherever I go, yall my bitches
East to the west coast, all my bitches

Chickens is good for plucking
So Im stickin bitches, fuckin
Got em trickin while they suckin
Give em dick and they aint buggin
Ive done it all
From mackin 2 hoes, on a three-way
Dominican hoes on b day
Country hoes in v-a
And they all say
The same about my game
Its tight
Thats why every night
A different group of bitches start a fight
Over some dick that they dont even own
All Im givin them is the bone
Blowin up a niggaz phone
But aint nobody home
Im in a zone
Tryin to do things
But turns into a cruel thing
Whats up girlfriend, you game?
No wonder why
When I leave at night
Its cause I theive at night
Im leavin bitches not breathin right
I fuck they head up with some slick shit
Hit em off with some long dick shit
Make it some quick shit, but rip shit
Then Im out, just like the trash on a thursday
Knowin shed be givin up the ass on the first day


Flocks of bitches by the dozens
From sisters to cousins
Got em doin shit they said they wasnt
Ever gonna do
Like knowin Id fuck the bitch that she was close to
Still gave up the ass and dough
She was supposed to
Pictures of bitches
And flicks of chicks
Videos with the baddest hoes, sucking dick
Its the dog in me that makes me do wrong
? ? cant help but get strong
Cause the game is too strong
I like em greedy
Black like edi
Eyes beady
Willin to give to the needy
I done ran through em all
From around the way bitches
Outta state hoes
And even hitting gay bitches
All I tell em is let me get that
Then its on
Knock her mothafuckin boots
And then Im gone
I got the white bitches sayin its a black thing
Cause I leave that hoe with no dough
And plenty back pain


Bitches who get props
Cause they know who can get got
And they can get shot
By the way ya niggaz flip drop
Walk up in the spot
Knowin what she want
When hun wants the dickly
Hun comes and gets me
Its amazing
Does it get crazy
Known to be swayze
Cause thats daddys baby
I keep them hoes in check
Like the government
Hittin em off with nothin but the dick
Snd they lovin it
Huggin it
Like its they best friend
Cause it is
Word to mix
Fuckin with tricks is just biz
I deal with strictly dimes
Got em commitin they first crimes
Cause she suckin dick for the first time
And aint no secret
bout how I freak it
When its sleek it
Never knew how I peeped it
Then creeped it
Thats how I know this must be that shit
I tell them bitches Ill be back
And they believe that shit

Chorus x4

Love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
I love my niggaz, but wheres my bitches?
(repeat x4)


DMX - Its All Good Live Woodstock 99


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